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1 Sep

Hello bloggers/gloggers!

Here is the link to my glog:



Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA). (n.d). English. Retrieved from

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One Response to “Glogster URL.”

  1. Sharon September 10, 2013 at 1:05 am #

    Your Glog is visually appealing Mikayla – it isn’t cluttered, yet it has all the requisite information, and the images and other elements are well-placed.

    Your reading is engaging, showing your familiarity with the text. You vary your tone, add character voices, use emphasis, and vary your pace to keep the listener’s interest.

    One concern I have is with the activities – your first activity will not necessarily allow students to identify the point of view in this text, nor suggest alternate points of view. More direction for students is needed here.

    I also am not quite convinced by your second activity. Graham is using ‘heaven’ in a metaphorical way … and your activity seems to miss that point.

    We are doing more work on this aspect of children’s literature in weeks 12 and 13, so I encourage you to do some more thinking about these activities before then.

    I have enjoyed reading your blogs over the weeks, and encourage you to keep writing as there’s a lot more to say about children’s literature and some of the books you’ll read over the next two modules will possibly challenge you and therefore be worth writing about.

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