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Well, now that I have your attention. As an addition to studying Children’s Literature Studies (ESH151) this semester, I have been required to write a reflection on my engagement in the unit so far. I have managed to complete all required tasks on time, and enjoy the subject as a whole. Along with this, I have thoroughly enjoyed re-visiting books that I read, or was read too as a child. I have also gained a decent amount of experience in finding what good quality children’s literature is but will still continue to develop this further. This unit has opened my eyes to a world of literature, and the elements involved in texts more than I could have ever imagined.


One important thing I need to stop doing in relation to my engagement in this unit (and others!) is to stop holding myself back to contribute to discussions, and doubting my abilities to do so.  I have the knowledge to involve myself in these conversations but just hold a fear of failure and lack confidence. Throughout this unit so far, we have covered a range of content in a small amount of time – I need to stop leaving things until the last minute; I need to plan my time more effectively to ensure I spend equal amounts on all my units.


Something that I will start doing within this unit is to read beyond the set readings for the week and to start to build myself with a deeper knowledge (and collection) of quality children’s literature. If I start to search beyond these readings, I may notice that my writing may improve and become stronger academically. I feel that doing this weekly will not only help  improve with my writing, and understanding of  children’s literature but will also help me with my future studies, and quite likely to be a positive in the profession as I will be able to reflect on prior thoughts and ideas.



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Finally, to continue with my engagement in this unit I will keep focused on building a personal library of quality children’s literature. I have been borrowing many books from the local library, and this has introduced me to some great children’s literature; also some not so great. This has encouraged me to read from a variety of authors that are all individuals in their writing, and illustrations to consistently expand my knowledge of all types of literature. I will also continue to learn from others, and I will keep my mind open to the thoughts and ideas that my peers may have. I will keep continuing to be active in my learning and embrace any opportunities that may arise.

This unit has definitely provided me with essential skills that will be put to good use in the future as a practicing teacher. I now realise how important the elements of children’s literature are, and I am definitely looking forward to the remainder of this unit! 



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  1. Sharon August 26, 2013 at 1:08 am #

    Mikayla, I want to encourage you in your intention to contribute more to class discussions. Not contributing means that others have to carry the discussions, and that’s not really fair. Plus, you have something to contribute – even if you don’t feel confident in doing that – and others need to hear your thoughts and opinions.

    Your reflection is detailed and thorough. You have identified clear strategies to either keep doing or start doing and it will be interesting to re-read this reflection at the end of the semester, to see if you achieved your goals.

    You are currently averaging a CR for your posts. You will be able to maintain this if you do a thorough job on your Glog.

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